Gold Fruit Ltda. is recognized for fine and tasty fruits. Our daily challenge is to perfect our techniques, harvesting, storage and transportation, so we can supply only excellent quality and taste to our GOLD customers.

We offer trainings and qualifying programs to our employees to ensure that the latest techniques can be applied throughout the production process. This enables us to meet the highest demands of the market.

We follow all standards to reduce risks of fruit contamination:

  • Special dining and rest area for staff;
  • Toilets outside the Packing Houses;
  • Cleaning and maintenance schedules of equipment and facilities;
  • A special storage room for Agrochemicals;
  • Records of the manufacture and use of agricultural chemicals;
  • Minimal allowed use of Agrochemicals;
  • Evaluation and recording of the packaging process;
  • Reduction of handling the entire process;
  • Staff sensitization and training programs;
  • Quality monitoring programs (e.g.: HACCP).

Our products reach all the standards in terms of quality for the international trade as FFV -45, from the European Economic Commission of the United Nations. After preparation and packaging our fresh fruits are supplied as follow:

  • Intact;
  • With firm consistency;
  • With a fresh appearance;
  • Healthy fruit (fruits which are affected by rotting or which are unsuitable for human consumption should be disposed of);
  • Clean – free of any visible foreign matter;
  • Free of pests;
  • Free from damage caused by pests;
  • Free of black spots which penetrate up under the shell;
  • Free of strong bruising;
  • Free of damages caused by low temperatures;
  • Free of abnormal external moisture;
  • Free of any foreign smell and / or taste;
  • Well developed and with satisfactory maturity level;

Os nossos produtos atingem todas as normas referentes a padrões de qualidade de frutos para os mercados internacionais, como por exemplo, a FFV-45, da Comissão Econômica para a Europa, da ONU.

Os frutos para consumo in natura, após a preparação e embalagem são fornecidos:

  • Intactos;
  • Firmes;
  • Com aparência fresca;
  • Sadios – os frutos afetados por podridões ou deterioração que os tornem inadequados para consumo são eliminados;
  • Limpos – livres de qualquer matéria estranha visível;
  • Livres de pragas;
  • Livres de danos causados por pragas;
  • Livres de manchas negras que se prolonguem para abaixo da casca;
    Livres de bruising acentuados;
  • Livres de danos causados por temperatura baixa;
  • Livres de umidade externa anormal;
  • Livres de quaisquer cheiro ou gosto estranhos;
  • Satisfatoriamente desenvolvidos e apresentando estádio de maturação satisfatório.

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