Our Team

Each member of GOLD’s team has particular talents, which are used on their own field. Above all, every employee is a person with feelings, stories, hobbies, passions and dreams which make them unique and extremely important for our Gold Fruit family.

We believe that the sum of all individuals creates a solid, transparent and very competent company. This assumption allows us to build our own story and conquer our national and international market share.

Gold Fruit Ltda. has a corporate culture of development:

  • We constantly offer learning courses and educational programs in e.g. hygiene, health and safety at work, first aid, machinery operation and handling, fire fighting programs;
  • We recognize the value of each employee, as a professional and as a person;
  • We strive for the internal promotion of our employees;
  • First and foremost, we treat each member of GOLD team with equality and respect.

Skilled, satisfied and ambitious employees are our secret to productivity and innovation and contribute directly to the success of Gold Fruit Import and Export Ltda.

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