Melons are the most produced and consumed fruits worldwide. Our sweet GOLD melons are incomparable in quality and flavour. Our company has a special relationship with the honeydew melon, which reflects GOLD in quality and its typical color.

We cultivate under perfect conditions, which allows Gold Fruit Ltda. to produce at the intermediate harvest of other regions in Brazil. On the domestic market, we are not only known for good quality, but especially for good agricultural practices and low use of pesticides.

To get to know more about GOLD’s melons and harvest period read below or contact us at



Size: Medium

Weight: From 2.3 kg to 2.8 kg

Format: Oval

skin coloring : Yellow intense

coloring of the pulp : Yellowish White and light green

Texture: Firm and crunchy

Taste : Sweet ( ~ 12 ° Brix )

Colheita: Março a Setembro

Pele de Sapo

Size: Medium

Weight: From 1.8 kg to 3.5 kg

Format: Elongated

skin Coloring: Green with designs and stripes

Coloring of the pulp: White green with orange tones when ripe

Texture: Firm and crunchy

Taste : Soft Sweet ( ~ 13 ° Brix )

Colheita: Abril a Setembro

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