There are climatic conditions which are unique and occur only in the São Francisco valley and allows Gold Fruit to produce the best and sweetest mangoes with a particular soft smell and an unforgettable flavor.

Our fruits are characterized by excellent quality and presentation. Our team is always ready to adapt services to your needs. Excellent communication and efficient after-sales tracking are also some of the most important aspects of our daily work.

Read below to know more about the five GOLD mango varieties and our harvest.

If you still have any questions about our GOLD mangoes, just get in touch with contato@goldfruit.com.br.




Size: Miscellaneous , medium to large fruit;

Weight: Between 350g and 680g

Shape: Oval

Skin coloring : pink yellow with purplish tinge

Coloração da polpa: Laranja-amarelada

Pulp color : orange -yellow

Texture: Consistent with little content of fibers

Taste: Smooth (21 ° Brix )

Colheita: Setembro a Dezembro

Tommy Atkins

Size : Miscellaneous , medium to large fruit

Weight: Between 400g and 700g

Shape : Oval

skin coloring : yellowish orange , with reddish tinge

Pulp color : orange -yellow

Texture: Pulp consistent , firm , juicy and fine fibers

Taste: Sweet (16 ° -17 ° brix )

Colheita: Agosto a Dezembro


Size: Big

Weight : up to 700g

Format: Elongated

skin coloring : greenish or purplish and reddish when ripe

Pulp color : yellow Well

Texture: Pulp consistent , firm , juicy and fine fibers

Taste: Very aromatic (19 ° Brix )

Colheita: Fevereiro a Novembro


Size: Big

Weight: Between 350g and 680g

Format: Oval with slightly oblique glance

skin coloring : yellowish green with red tinged pinkish

Pulp color : Yellow intense

Texture: Succulent and fibrous only from the seed

Taste: Good levels of sugar (19 ° Brix)

Colheita: Setembro a Dezembro


Size: Big

Weight: Between 600g to 900g  

Shape : Oval

skin coloring : yellowish green with red streaks

Pulp color : yellow -orange

Texture: Free fibers

Taste: Good levels of sugar ( 19 ° Brix )

Colheita: Setembro a Dezembro

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