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The São Francisco Valley in the Northeast of Brazil is known all around the world as the region with the highest production of tropical fruits, mainly in particular for its export of mangoes.

Also, innovative irrigation techniques have transformed this semi-arid region to a real fruit oasis, where it is possible a year-round cultivation of tropical fruits. This is the biggest advantage in comparison to other growing regions in Brazil.

The region, including the neighborhoods close to Petrolina, Pernambuco state, Juazeiro and Casa Nova, Bahia state offers around 240.000 direct jobs.

Through continuous investment in both research and development, the region could meet the huge demand from both the international and domestic markets.


Gold Fruit Ltda. guarantees a gentle treatment of the fruits during the entire harvesting process. This is one of our secrets to achieve GOLD quality.

Basically, the fruits undergo a series of rigorous tests until they reach the desired quality and maturity level. Our harvest team is experienced and works taking into account the safety standards PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).

Each fruit requires a specific harvest. For more details about this process, contact us through contato@goldfruit.com.br.

Packing House

Gold Fruit Ltda. has a Packing House in Juazeiro, BA where our fruits undergo a thorough and rigorous process until they can finally be transported to our GOLD customers.

Before discharge, the fruits are inspected and identified. Basically the process in the Packing House consists of washing, polishing, waxing and drying the fruits. Then they are classified and calibrated before going through a new quality control procedure. The last steps are packing, labeling, palletizing and precooling. The final step is to storage the pallets in a refrigerated storage till the transportation.

Our GOLD Packing House considered the most accurate standards in all its activities and is certified by differents institutes. Social and environmental responsibility as well as transparency in all our practices can be ensured.

For further information write to contato@goldfruit.com.br.


The main task of Gold Fruit Ltda. is to provide exotic fruits in perfect condition to the customers. Therefore, the correct choice of packaging is another essential step in our work, which leads to GOLD quality up to our customers.

Years of experience, research and a number of tests have led us to select certain packaging. But of course we can also use other types of packaging depending on your needs and preferences.

For questions or more accurate information on packaging, please write to contato@goldfruit.com.br.


Gold Fruit Ltda. works side by side with responsible and trusted logistic companies.The entire delivery process requires special care and is particularly controlled. Good hygienic conditions of the individual means of transport and an unbroken cold chain is guaranteed. Gold Fruit Ltda. ensures the integrity and quality of products to the customers.

Above all, we have an efficient traceability system, which can find any gaps in production in a short period of time.

Do you have a specific question about our work? Then write us to contato@goldfruit.com.br.

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