Good agricultural practices, quality and hygiene throughout the production process are extremely important for the protection of the environment, the employees and the products. We guarantee the integration of social and environmental issues in all our activities.

We are sure that these aspects reflect in our products quality. Gold Fruit Ltda. is aware of its responsibility and works day by day on the renovation as well as on the acquisition of certifications, thus we can show transparency in our practices and expand our knowledge in this field.

Our customers see Gold Fruit Ltda. as an accurate, reliable and a solid partner.

Good Agricultural Practices

  • Including environmental education programs as well as protective and conservation measures;
  • Controlled use of Agrochemicals in order to minimize the effects of residues in food, people and the environment in general;
  • The company must take all precautions so that the working environment fulfill all labor and health standards;
  • Ensure traceability: Arrangements for the supervision of the entire chain of agricultural production from cultivation to delivery to the customer;
  • Hygiene: Procedures to avoid contamination in the process.

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